God save the Queen

Today the Queen was eighty.
I too had some people for tea.
(not literally)

I bet I had more fun.
Apart from the little taxi trip in the middle to Bowthorpe
Which was fine
But I missed out on seconds of pudding.
(ps, I don't really bet)

There were loads of new houses
(at Bowthorpe)
I had no idea.
Some quite close the river

Why do people care about the old dear.
Why do people build on flood plains
Why do I like pudding

Why oh why oh why?

I think I might find out about my job next week.
Maybe then I will also be asking why oh why oh why?

Pudding is good. And maybe for trips to Bowthorpe I could collect Becca and you could collect her from my house. Or is that no easier?
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