Can be a thing of beauty
Columbus, I think
Chasing across the blue sky
Covering the top of Blickling

Green grass too
Gravel, clearly, not so good to stand on
Good place for photos
Got to click on my photos now

(as you always should when I have one on the main page)

Fantastic!- epic cloudscape! Puts the Great Hall of Blickling in perspective! The great estates revelled in open space flecked with a few trees - it said 'I’m so rich I’ve got space to waste'. But if the original residents of the Hall intended to use empty space to make a statement, in the shadow of what is signified by the deep blue yonder above Blickling in this photo, they may as well have moved into a bucket.

By the way, nice touch getting the two flowers into the foreground; in this setting they must be english roses I guess.
you always say thebest things Tim. Thanks
glad you three had fun while i was working at home - just like i'm doing at the moment while you three are all out again!
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