Lazy Days

So, I said confidently, last game of the season, bound to win. I'm talking football club, the ones who I've spent a whole load of money with buying next season's season ticket. And have you noticed that I say 'so' quite a lot, I'm going to have to stop. So did we win? No. Pretty poor performance. We did wait after the match for the end of season parade around the ground. About 40% of us waited. Pretty poor. And the parade was an amble by a few over paid and worn out footballers, and their wives. Rubbish all round. Still, next season we're going to win, win, win.

So, it's quite easy to get down about things in general. Politics. Football. Wayne Rooney. Royal Family. Racism. Bird Flu. Global warming. Nuclear Weapons. Iran. Morality - the lack of, generally. Etc Etc. Today I found out all about leprosy. Such a stigma, in the past, and still today. Just a simple little virus that can be easily cured. But families and friends of those who are ill think it a curse, hide it away, and then it gets bad, nerves die, feeling goes, injury happens, etc etc. All need not happen. It's not a curse, it's easy to cure. Thank the Lord for the Leprosy Mission who try and do something about it. Thank the Lord that some people get off their fat backsides and do something to make a difference.

Yeah, my backside is pretty fat.

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