Today I druv from Naaridge to Loose-tarfed along the Aircal straight in me muutah car. I stopped wuk early s'artanoom so I cud do suffin in Loose-tarfed and I didn't wanna get cooin behind a traaacta.

Reckon I'll switch back to Queen's English.

So why do you think I went to Lowestoft?
Was it to buy some cod and chips? No
Was it to go to Pleasurewood Hills? No
Was it to enjoy the graffiti and urine smell in the multi storey? No
Was it to watch the gas refineries on the horizon? No
Was it to watch and listen to the RPO? Yes, Yes, Yes

Is RPO a lecture on Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Yes, but No.
Is RPO Right Posture Oblique in radio therapy. Yes, but No.
Is RPO The Redundancy Payment Office. Yes, but No.
Is RPO the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Yes, Yes, Yes

And it was fantastic.

And they played the National Anthem, so I had to be upstanding. and think of the Queen and her English.

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