One thing I like attempting is taking good photographs not sure why because I'm often disappointed but if one turns out ok that I feel quite happy and show it off to any friends who will listen and not be too bored I like friends too and some are good and some are more acquaintances and often we'll have a cup of tea or even coffee if they like coffee and some don't but that's fine it's sometimes a shame if you want a chat with a friend and other friends or whatever are with you and you end up not saying the things that you wanted too but if they are real good friends then that doesn't really matter because it's not all about an agenda its rather all about being facebook is supposedly all about friends I have quite a few listed on the site but many of them I never speak to for weeks if ever so why did they invite me to be a friend maybe just to boost their numbers to feel good about themselves what is good about facebook is that you can see lots of photographs of the said friend and their friends that you'd never normally see and then you get some good ideas.

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