I've done a bit
this week
From Scotland
to Surrey
From happy
to sad
From alert
to tired
From office
to office.
I came a cross
a few things
I didn't understand.
Like :
why do Scottish men were kilts
why do Flybe cancel flights 10 minutes before take off
(not mine fortunately, but about 73 people going to Birmingham)
why do my eyes look heavy and want to shut all the time
why does one office smell of curry, the other of sweat and grime
why is there an hour long stand still on the M23, at 11.00 pm with thousands of cars
(yes, me !!)
Maybe I'll have to do some more
to find the answers.

Some answers:

1) Because they do traditionally. I'm guessing because wrapping a piece of cloth around your lower half and then pinning it to make it stay put is easier than making trousers with legs.
2) Because they can and because they are a budget airline it means they have license to mess their customers around.
3) Because you are tired and doing too much?
4) Because someone brought in left over curry for their lunch in one office and the people in the other one have poor personal hygiene? (Just guessing on that one!)
5) I'm intrigued on this one! Is it because of an accident or were you all trying to get away from a large event?

I have a question for you: What makes Steve (no ph and no n) Genders a really great guy?
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