I almost laughed out loud
but I didn't
because it wasn't even funny
when the train lurched out of Ipswich Station
and the guy who had just got on
watched as he cup of steaming coffee
fell into his lap.
If he hadn't been texting, it may not have happened.
Can't say the same for the guys
who text whilst driving
These guys should be locked up.
I definitely didn't laugh out loud
when I saw the share value
of my company
tumble tumble tumble today.
Maybe tomorrow it will rise rise rise.
And maybe so high that it bumps into some flying pigs.

your company? maybe you shouldnt have spent so much changing your name! so pointless!
Maybe Mr Paul you think the world is flat too, or maybe that O2 was better off as BT Cellnet ;-)
me burn? on no sir not me!
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