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This is a subject that I'm working hard on today having been given some feed back.....actually my back hurts a little along with my legs because I ran back from Silver Road last night but saw no fireworks. Work is good at the moment. Had a trip to London yesterday and had the pleasure of meeting a great bunch of people maybe not as good as the people waiting for me when I got back to Norwich! The paper had some great stuff in and I haven't talked about the guy who is 50% white winning the election, nor the 1.5% drop in interest rates which probably wont help my mortgage repayments at all. Had a great panettone this morning. I think Man Utd should beat Arsenal. Started watching I am Legend, well 5 mins worth, and will watch the rest later. Looking forward to the 6 different cheeses I bought for tea. So, back to 'topic maintenance'.......

I miss you Uncle Steve :(
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