They were edible
The Mushrooms.
I am still
alive and

Imagine yourself entering a store
in a rough part of town
Wanting to buy some beer.
On the door is a notice
'beware of the dog'
You enter, slightly worried
but convince yourself it will be
all right.
You look around the store.
As you walk up to the counter you
do indeed see a dog
but it looks very old and weary
you relax and say to the guy behind the counter
'What's with the sign? the dog looks pretty harmless!'
He says 'yeah,
before I had the sign everyone used to
trip over him
so I put up the sign
and now no-one trips.
It's great.'

Things aren't always what the seem........

struggling for things to write about hey dad?! ;)
Struggling for things to write about? Tell you what Stevie, if you come and see me I'll give you something to write about.

I've a backblog of issues that need sussing out; take your pick from historical, religious, sectarian, feminisation, Wensum valley bible belt churches, cultic, AI, ID, C++, emerging church, Quantum theory, ghosts,left brain vs right brain....etc ..sorry no foody subjects.
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