By Election

We have an election in a couple of weeks for a new MP. It's all very difficult and I have no idea yet who to vote for.....I'm beginning to get a small rain forest (is that a rain wood) through the letter box but it's not really helping much.

Talking of rain, have you noticed how the weather forecasters have started showing the jet stream. Really cool by pretty meaningless.

Talking of pretty - I almost bought a very pretty tie today - but then decided it would be a complete waste of money.

Talking of money, I carried £40 worth of coppers to the bank - almost broke my back.

Talking of back, Paul McVeigh might be playing for the City again in a few weeks - as we rebuild our club to the premiership side it deserves to be

Talking of to or not, to be. Went to the theatre last night - really good play about deception.

Talking of deception, I wonder how much today's blog was/is true.

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