I'm not going to write a whole essay on puddings suffice to say that today I had quite a few of them because after a lunch out with 13 friends a few of us ordered a dessert and they included good old sticky toffee sponge ice cream sundae and various other things but because the main course was so good and big there wasn't much room and I do hate to waste so down they went and now I feel pretty full and not all that clever a bit like Norwich City who have got themselves in a bit of bother with only two games to go but never mind.
Also today I tried out a new camera that is really E's which is pretty cool but I'm not really allowed to use it because it's hers and not mine but it so fits in your pocket and mine doesn't so I can see me using it quite a bit over the coming months and today I also forgot to look at my diary for tomorrow and now it's too late so I don't know what I'm doing if it's exciting I might tell you tomorrow when I've done whatever it is I'm doing.

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