Two ways of looking at it today
First, dear or dear, I feel weary, my youngest child is no longer a teenager, I have man flue, grey hairs abound, joints ache, wonder what's on the TV later.
Second, Yay! it's your birthday girl, well done, and I'm sill young and energetic and we can enjoy running out together, this silly sniffle will be gone tomorrow, I'm too busy to watch the TV, I'd rather Skype you and watch you open your presents, what's for tea, any spare birthday cake?

Just like there's two ways at looking at Tiger's golf return next month, it's a cynical attempt to rake in more money, he was never going to take a year or two out. Or. Good work Tiger, you've pulled yourself together and are going to entertain a load of people with some fantastic golf, hope it goes well for you.

Two ways of looking at Norwich City's Football Club rise to the top of the table. You're brilliant lads, well done, or, you're brilliant lads, well done.

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