Spring is here
I always reckon spring is in the air when I see lambs.
These aren't spring lambs.
But I saw the poor white one amongst the others a couple of year back.
And liked the scene.
But I like lambs better.
Why am I going on about sheep?
Well, there's been a TV about lambs and lambing all week. I've seen 5 minutes of it, and was completely bored. Sheep are not all that interesting really.
Well I saw no lambs today - because once again I was up a ladder cutting hedges.
I must have been doing it wrong though, because about three neighbours all came out and watched, hands on hips. They gave me their verdict.
I am not a good hedge cutter.
Wrong height
Wrong saw
Wrong ladder
Wrong day.
Oh well. At least it was good exercise!

Absolutely great photos and writing.
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