Dead or Alive
Can a cat be dead or alive at the same time?
Answer this question....
A cardboard box has inside a delicate glass container which will easily break if knocked over.
In the glass container is some strong and fatal poison - which would instantly kill a cat.
You put a cat in put in the box, close the lid and leave the room.
You sit in the room next door and ask yourself:
"is the cat dead or alive"
You could argue that the cat is either dead or alive, until you return to the room and open the box.
Hence, logic says, the cat existed in both a dead and an alive state at the same time for a period.

What do you reckon ?

I agree
You might get reported (by Helsalata) to the RSPCA for publishing this sort of animal abuse fantasy on the web. The RSPCA has been thoroughly moled by the Animal liberation front, so yeah, it's you they they'll be wanting dead or alive.
'ello, 'ello 'ello, I've just seen this on the yahoo front page. Can this be a coincidence? perhaps that's the answer then - you open the box and find absolutely nothing there!
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