Here I am, worrying about the price of shares
and such like
and little did I know that
there had been an earthquake in Tibet
killing people
So I feel I need to get some perspective
However, when I switch the news on
in a few minutes
I just know what will be in/on the headlines.
I tried to think of something amusing to say on this blog post.
to lighted the mood.
The only thing I can think of
which didn't amuse me
but might amuse others
is that I was racing on my bike, cutting up the traffic, buses, lorries etc, feeling really cool, when my chain came off - I screeched to a halt, and had to let all buses and things past, whilst I got covered in oil, was late for my tea and got pointed (jeered!) at by passengers on said bus.

Anyway, I should use the car
and I should get it insured so that oil spills and laughter are all ok
and if I get it insured
it with be with Norwich Union Car Insurance
which is the best
this links says it all

I would have been one of the ones lauging at you! hehe
You need to get that bike looked at!! Let me know when!
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