The earth moved

I couldn't let the day go without talking about the earthquake this morning. Measuring a whooping 5.2 on a scale beginning with R that I can't spell. Yes I was awake at 5 to 1 this morning. Yes I did hear the rumble. Yes I felt the house shake. Yes I thought something odd was happening. Like a giant grabbing our house in his giant hands and giving it a bit of a shake. Yes I leapt out of bed and took a look at our sleepy neighbourhood. And that was that. Made me think how scary it must be to be an stronger quake with houses tumbling down around you. The rumble was quite impressive though. I'll have to wait another 25 years now, unless of course I move!

Richter? I guess I could look it up but I'm too lazy or busy doing important stuff :)
And I thought it was Elizabeth putting her foot down again ....
Actually as result of that we may be about 2mm further from America, so cross alantic flights are going up.
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