Robin Hood
Yesterday I was in Sherwood Forest which is in the middle of England slightly nearer Doncaster than Nottingham which is where the TV series seems to think it's all set but of course the TV series is filmed somewhere over in Poland talking of which I saw a load of gangs working on the fens and that was probably where most of them were from picking leeks and daffodils being pushed along the fields trying to earn the £60 that was pay for the accommodation they are forced to share with dozens of equally unfortunately Poles trying to find a better life which brings us back to Robin trying to create a better life for the poor and to my conference trying to create a better life for our customers unfortunate enough to have a flood or a crash and for the record I didn't really dress up as a maid called Marion for the evening banquet but I did dress up and looked a bit of a sight and now I'm back home eating jelly babies and pretending everything is ok.

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