Hog Roast
Tonight I had the best hog roast of the year, in fact the only hog roast of the year. True, we ran out of apple sauce, but hey that's not the end of the word.
In fact, I'm not sure what or where the end of the word is. For my apple tree, which is about to be felled, it is perhaps the end of it's world. But I'll plant a pip and you never know.
For the pigeon I hit today - I think it was the end of the world.
And, I think it may even be the end of the road for Chelsea hope of winning the title this year.
And my wish is that it the end of the road for for the proposed one-way systems in Norwich, which will be a real pain in everybody's collective necks (albeit in 2015!).

you can't kill our apple tree! what did it ever do to you?
Planting a pip will grow you a crab apple but not an another apple tree.
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