Wot I learnt yesterday!

If you have really good experience, you can can trigger a recollection, thereby enjoying it again and again at your leisure, or when ever you need to feel good about yourself, or confident, or strong etc etc.

This is how it goes.....
For example
Take a fantastic piece of duck, with fantastic source, pickled cabbage, company etc.
Eat it
and enjoy so much that you are bursting with happiness
Then think hard about it whilst anchoring it on some physical signal, like crossing fingers or clenching teeth.
And whenever something else positive or good happens, link it with the fingers or teeth or whatever it you have chosen as your trigger.
So, your trigger mechanism gets loaded with all these positive things.
Then, when needing the positive feelings, do the finger or teeth job, and your brain will associate all the positive things, and the feelings will come flooding back.

And you'll feel great.

How fantastic this.......

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