Three things I learnt today

Each very interesting

first - back up all your data on your pc. especially a work pc. You never know when it's going to blow. An hour after getting back from holiday isn't the best time....

second - which I actually learnt a couple of days ago - technology can be a wonderful thing. When I drove into the airport car park at Gatwick - the door opened to let me in - and out ten days later - because a camera recognised my number plate and knew I'd paid - unless of course there was a man behind the camera with a long list of paid reg numbers.....

third - funerals can be done lots of different ways. Today's was very different, no song, no prayers, no words of 'committal'. Just family and friends talking - and pictures - followed by food and beers. Dear Ria was so great, and her 10 yer old son, having watched a husband and father suddenly die, to stand up in front of people and say what they thought and remembered. Well done.

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