I've like been on a few journeys this week
and like it's only Wednesday.
I've been like to an airport - and watched people being greeted at arrivals for like 2 hours. It was so like I was on the set of Love Actually. Like brilliant. Smiles, worries, fake hugs, real like bear hugs. Like tears. Like I now know what it's like to be like on a film set. What a journey.
I've also been on like a Nissan journey too. Never driven la Japanese car before. Like is goes so fast, and corners like on two wheels. (just kidding pa!). Like I thought the only car to have was a model G Ford.
I've been on like a journey of discover about the differences between Americans and the English. They, like the Americans I met today, were so tall. Well like the boys. Not the girls. Tall American boys like to like call people like me Mr Surname. Except it would be like Mr Lastname. And like they don't know queues. We English so like queues.
I went on a journey to learn about Practices, Changing Rooms, and like a Team Manager Journey, or TMJ. You so do not want to know about that journey.
I haven't been on like no journey to Blickling or somewhere near by. That's like a sad journey - the not going to mid Norfolk bit. If I do ever go, it will be a good jounrney. You have to pay in the car park though.
My best journey took me to a like so fantastic a place. I discovered that my American Niece is not American at all. She's so like English it's untrue. Go Laura.....

If you want to discuss some perceptions of differences between the English and the Americans, just, like, let me know. You may be surprised (upset?) to find that there are like far more similarities once you get past the surface.
This is Julie your old PA, by the way- I didn't mean to be like an anonymous, sorry.
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