Today I had a few questions
Why does everyone write on facebook about what a lovely weekend they've had, visiting the best friends ever ("love you"), having the best ever BBQ in perfect weather with their wonderful partner. Why o why??
Why do people look at me like I'm crazy when I put my cycle helmet on?
Why do the men next to me in the theatre always think they can possess 100% of the arm rest?
Why does the wind always blow against me when I'm cycling to or from work?

Anyway, enough questions
The best thing about today left me with no question. I didn't want to go somewhere, I went, it was fantastic. I remembered why I am who I am!

Look up apparent wind it will at least answer one of your questions
I just looked at Alex's blog and it seems he went to see Evita on Wednesday night too. PS you sound a bit grumpy in the first paragraph....doesn't suit you.
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