New things
New elections, new voting, new cabinet, new order.
Not sure if new is better, but I guess most people think it can't get much worse.

New search engine . . rebadged MSN search, just as bad, still no one will use it, just give the same old unwanted results. Stick with faithful Google.

New email - Wave. Google trying to reinvent email, which after all has been around, just about unchanged for 40 years, pre dates the internet, as is , as it says, electronic mail. About time we had something different? Maybe Google have the answer with wave ......not yet launched....not sure.

New tent, check it out!

Or closer up.....

Talking of new things - I am sat in bed typing away on our new iBook - very sweet!

The new tent looks fab and E has a big smile so I assume she is happy with the size.
Any one else camping there or did you have the site to yourselves?
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