2006 Preparation
So , after much soul searching - and other random activities - I have been persuaded and cajoled into producing one of these so called blogs (definition (not mine, but an official one I found on the net): a frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links.). My blog will not have many links, so maybe that means I can't call it a blog. As I see it, what's the point of writing, just to provide a link so that someone can whiz off somewhere else!

So, (no, each paragraph isn't always going to start with 'so') what to write about? A good question that you probably didn't ask - but I dare say we'll have some stuff on me, on work, on Church, on the best football team in the world, ever. I reckon I might be able to keep this going for a whole year - i.e. 2006 - but we shall see about that.

And who am I - it's Stevie G, of Norwich.


This looks like becoming the must see blog of 2006. I shall immediately put a link on my browser, and take a look every day. Well done Stevie.g
Wow! The power of peer pressure! Welcome to Blogging. I look forward to your musings...
He he - welcome!
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