At some point the ones in the know say that one, presumably one not in the know, should dig over the potato patch. And plant. The ones that are in the know already know, so don't need to be told. The ones who don't have a potato patch don't need to know and so don't need to be told. I'm told.
I'm told it's Good Friday.

I did some digging yesterday. And some will know that being January it's no where near Good Friday, nor do I have a potato patch. Nor am I a particularly keen or good gardener. But I do like potatoes, roast, creamed, chipped etc etc.

The digging yesterday wasn't very successful. I was trying to dig some dirt from a friend on another friend. I didn't know until yesterday that my two friends new each other, and were friends. Ish. It's weird when stuff like that happens. Anyway, neither friend had any dirt for me on the other. So I'll have to find something else to dig if I want any dirt.

If I eventually do dig some dirt, I know that the best thing to do would be to plant some potatoes.

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