Eye-sight or maybe memory test
Today I was embarrassed.
Worse than that, I was embarrassed twice.
And the day before, Sunday, it happened again.
(Actually, it can't have happened 'again' on the day before, I've got my logic order wrong here - no wonder I was never a very good computer programmer!)

Why is it that my brain can't bring up vital information at the right time.

All three occasions, and there have been many more over the months, I saw (and chatted to) somebody who I have never seen before, who I don't know - and never have known.

And yet .........they know me!

They know when we met, what we talked about, why, the outcomes, and no doubt have a lasting impression of me. How wrong those impressions must be.

How can I tell them they are mistaken!

And how come there are so many of them all making the same mistake. Crazy lot.

Are you sure it's not YOUR memory? I regularly see a lady who always says hello to me with a bright, cheery smile (which is lovely; most people in the city don't smile!)She asks how I am and wished me a happy new year last time I saw her. But do I know how or where or why I know her? And as for her name?!
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