Favourite Tipple
I think mine has to be a fine red wine. I don't really like cheap and nasty with a hint of vinegar.

The question is though, how much to have. I think two to three glasses is ok, isn't it? But only in one of the following situations:

a) before breakfast ?
b) at lunch time when I'm working ?
c) two or three times per week, with dinner ?
d) every day ?
e) before driving ?

I'm guessing you know the answer.

What about poor Mr Kennedy, leader (currently) of the Lib Dems. He is certainly pretty bold to admit his problem, in public, today. Would any of us be so brave. About any of our problems, drink or otherwise. I suggest not. I've not even admitted to my world class wife that I pinched some fudge out of her tin yesterday!

So will he (Mr K) survive. I think not. But I thought Mr Blunkett would, so what do I know!

Wondering if Mr Kennedy was actually brave or whether there was a gun to his head? I certainly feel sympathy for his condition but I'm unclear whether a)he was fit to lead with his condition, b)whether lying has compromised his position and c)whether two months of abstinence is enough "recovery" in order to carry on in his position.
I found your questionaire interesting because it is very culturally biased. What is acceptable in this country may be viewed differently in other countries.
And then there's the whole debate about why alcohol is a legal drug and whether it ought to be...but let's not go there!
Me is another Norwich Bloke who has Blooked at your Blog. I was hoping that the "Pink un" link was to a picture of the outstandingly lovely helsalata but I was sadly disappointed. (Remember? - "I'm pinky so lets have ya loookin' perky") Hope, Steve, you're looking perky after all that wine swilling.

Talking about that kind of thing (and football) what do you say to a man who has scored an own goal? You say he has done a "Blunkennedy".

Carry on Blogging, but NOT Blunkenndeying. So keep off the spirits!
You really ought not to drink before breakfast - it's not good for you.

Re Charlie - reading between the lines it looks like the tabloids have threathened to go public. Of course, they will have know about it for months just waiting to pounce ... The same thing happened with Mellor and Lamont ... parasites.
Ah, but when is breakfast?
For me, today, breakfast wass 11.00 in Starbucks. Now then, for all you anti-globalisation people, you will no doubt have somethng to say about Starbucks and what a sensible Norwich bloke like me is doing supporting their world domiation tactics. Well. They sell fairtrade - but I didn't buy it 'cos I don't like to hassel the staff!
So if alcohol were served at 11am in Starbucks would that be OK? Fairtrade wine only of course...
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