A few thoughts for pondering
How long will I be able to keep playing squash?
I won today(lucky)
Therefore I enjoyed today - the whole day!
But my knees, legs, arms, etc ache now.

I'm going to London tomorrow.
Will it be cold/smelly/busy/expensive/worth it?
Or will is be bright/cheerful/productive/thriving/exciting?

I've just watched the news.
Do I care if a high profile member of parliament lies? (yes)
Do I care about his sexuality? (no)
Do I care that he's having a hard time? (yes, I guess)
Do I have much sympathy? (no, none)

Should I get an iPod?
Should I get a LCD flat screen TV
Should I buy a ticket to win £100 million quid tomorrow night

Pondering over.

yes, no, yes are the answers to the last 3 queations
I say no to all the last questions: less is more.
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