Is it getting warmer?

The world cannot decide
and yet it can not hide -
from the effect of the gas.
Believe the clever lass,
Because she's never lied.

Mother Nture has said,
with a small 'm' at the head,
(because I believe in a Creator,
who Himself did make her):
Do it, or you're dead.

Cut out the emission now
And don't keep asking what, if, how?
Just use some common sense
get down off that fence.
Global warming will hit you - pow!

Individually we do our bit.
Together we really make a hit.
The old teaching of three r's
has been replaced in these hours;
Reduce, reuse - recycle it.

So what if it's warm enough to grow grapes and olives in Norwich
Not much use if we're under water.......

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