Pirates of the New Year
We all know about those Deppish pirates of the Caribbean, but thanks to Andrew for explaining to me why (perhaps) the classical pirate always wears an eye patch. And the reason may have us all wearing one too.

Well, it's not that they all have reticent retinas, of pitiful pupils, or even irritated irises. In fact there's nothing wrong with their eyes at all. It's so that their eyes become supernaturally sensitive - so that when they need to, they can see in the dark. As the pirate slides alongside another unsuspecting ship in the night, off comes the patch, and hey presto, to the newly exposed eye all seems as clear as daylight. And the deed (nasty no doubt) is done.

So, if I put on a metaphorical patch, maybe when all around me gets a bit dark, and unclear, I can whip it off and I suddenly be able to make much more sense of what is around me.

And what's around me at the moment is a bit of a thick head - having enjoyed great wine late into the night. So you see, it's not true, the French can do something well. Happy New Year everyone!

I found the eye patch thing quite profound. Do you think it really works?
Sensory devprivation resulting in the heightening of the remaining senses is well cataloged but I've never heard of a temporary, self inflicted deprivation. It would make sense though for a pirate...
I'm not sure what parallel we can draw for ourselves. In what way can we deprive ourselves in order to to gain additional sensitivity to God? I suppose Lenten sacrifices, denial in order to focus on God might be the closest, or fasting.
Not sure what the parallel is/was. Maybe when we have troubles, there's always a silver lining?
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