A riddle
During the day today I did some work.
The postman also brought some Christmas thank-you letters.
Tonight I watched a film with Bill Murray and the lovely Scarlett Johansson.

What have these things all got in common? A good question. And I'm going to help you answer the riddle.

At work I tried hard to understand a question which I have to answer. I think it was the word 'ubiquitous' that threw me. It was just too much for a Friday. These worrying words seem to get everywhere these days.

The letters were cool. Cool because they were from some lovely people who live a long way away. But they do speak and write in English. Because they live along way away their English is different to mine. But I think I know what they were saying. "We love you Stevie.g" is my guess.

The film was set in Japan. It was good. But few people (well, none actually) understood the Japanese types.

Have you got it yet.

I'm talking about translation.

All three were in English, but it was so difficult to understand. Words. Words. Words.

A verbis ad verbera

The film has a happy ending. Lost In Translation. The two stars overcame their differences (about 25 years) and showed that it possible to understand each other without words. How cool is that.

Understanding each other without words sounds quite convenient actually. You could even choose to MISunderstand! This is better than coming to blows
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