Are you about to start, are you in the middle, are you in danger of ending?
A good relationship (or friendship or team).

These four points may help. DON'T :
S - Score points (don't defend yourself by changing the subject, "well you did this....")
T - Think the worst (don't assume people are out to get you, "flowers? what's he done wrong")
O - Opt out (don't walk away from a difficult discussion, "I don't want to talk about it now")
P - Put down (don't insult, "you fool")

Instead, how about:
"So, what I did was this.......and I really upset you...."
"Thanks for being so thoughtful, roses are my ...."
"OK, l really want to talk about this.... let's have coffee tomorrow...."
"Pretty good idea that, keep going...."

So, if I use any of these types of expression in the next few weeks (before I forget it all) you'll know where I'm coming from!

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