A tasty cup
Today I was busy. And I found time for a lovely cup of coffee.
Yesterday I wasn't so busy. And I found time for a lovely cup of coffee.
Tomorrow? Who knows. But I will find time for a lovely cup of coffee.

So why do I love coffee. It could be the buzz. It could be the smell. It could be the warmth. It could be the flavour. It could be the added flavour (vanilla is good).

More likely it's the time. Either time to think, or time to talk. I prefer the talking coffee. I had a good talking coffee today. Which was actually chocolate for one of us.

So why does coffee make us talk. I don't think it does. Someone clever can correct me here. I think it's the sitting down, the relaxing, the atmosphere that makes us talk. It's good to talk. Therefore coffee is good.

Being totally honest, I prefer a nice cup of tea. I'm English. Talking tea is even better.

I like your blog.

It just...is.

Which is nice. :)
Doing something that is pleasurable (sitting , relaxing, conversing with someone we like) with something that isn't essential for living (it isn't water- it's something you choose to drink because you enjoy the taste) is the perfect recipe for treating yourself.
I guess the aroma of coffee is good at "transporting" you to that zone even before you get there, so in that respect beats tea in the arousal/anticipation stakes. But tea is sooooo refreshing and is the cure for all ills so really tea wins hands down.
I like coffee but it doesn't like me :(

I drink green tea these days - it's supposed to be healthy or herbal tea made by a company called Birt&Tang.
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I've been drinking decaf a work. any my mate never told me. it's still good though.
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