To cut or not to cut
Today 'twas by birthday.
I spent it at work.
Which was and is fine - I guess.
Two goodies were speaking at the mini conference at which I spent my birthday morning - this morning. Goodies being leaders who talk a lot of sense, know where 'the people' are going and then start walking in front of them.

In between the goodies, during quiet moments of mulling, I mulled about the fact that, of the boys in the audience, 4 had ties on, out of about 40. That I believe is 10%. Unheard of. I'm desperate. This time last year it was only 5% and moving in the right direction.

More concerning was that of all the boys, I was the boy with the longest hair. I checked all 40. So I've spent lots of the day wondering whether to cut, or not to cut. I will continue pondering this issue.

Do you know I was admiring your hair at the church meeting last night? I do like long hair on men, so my vote is to keep growing!

Happy Birthday btw. May the celebrations continue (and improve)!
ah, i was about to advocate the cut as I am well in need of one except my wife won't make me an appointment. Now I know why.
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