What a day -of news!

We are running out of gas and oil
We will be importing gas from Russia
We have seen various countries in the Russian / Georgia / Ukraine region blowing up gas pipes
We have been spying on Russia, for fun.

Mobile phones are taking over our lives
Mobile phones allow us to know where everybody is
Mobile phones take video pictures
Mobile thugs use mobile phones to video mobile beatings and killings, for fun.

We don't recycle our rubbish
We don't harness the free energy in wind, waves and tide
We don't walk to school, shops, church or the pub
We do drive, pollute, speed, for fun.

Fortunately, for balance, we have turned our fun
into the biggest news, biggest scandal, biggest corruption and biggest debate of our times.
Don't we just love football.

i like the way that you've started talking in verse - it's classy!
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