Why can't I ?
I'm not sure why I can't, to be honest. Why did I say that? It implies that I'm not always honest. But I still don't know why. Maybe it's something to do with my age. I find that my reactions are gradually getting slower. Aannnd slloooower. A nd ssssssslooooooooow er. Having said that, I'm sure that there are loads of people my age who can. Maybe it's because I'm just not good enough. Maybe it's not about me (now there's a thought). Maybe it's them. They are good. Very good. In fact to beat me at indoor table tennis, both my teenagers must be very very good.

Becoming an empty nester (that's how clever marketing people categorize me, or place me in a segment - a box) actually fills me with a certain amount of dread. I'm feeling emotions which I didn't expect to feel. And I don't think I like them. The emotions. I'm going to talk abut them over the next few weeks. Then you too will know what's it's like being on the journey to becoming an empty nester.

Ah! Change management! I have an essay you can read about that...or maybe not!
AFAICR you'd be best off with Ansoff's Adaptive Change Approach which means little steps of change over a long period. And then a Crisis Management Approach in September.

Either that or chain him to the bannister and forbid him to leave the house! ;-)

Seriously though, what are his plans?
A right heart searching business this blogging lark. Remember, I'm taking in all the cues from you guys in order to learn how to blog. But somehow, looking at the state of my blog, I don't think I have quite twigged yet. However, there's hope yet - "I have an essay you can read about that.. " and "Ansloff adaptive change algorithm" sounds like some of my lines; so perhaps I won't have to change and Helsangel is becoming like me, bit by bit.

And on "empty nesting"; a friend of mine said that when he got to this stage in life he felt all that was left was a bit of tidying up to do! But we're Christians - life is just starting - and so are the real problems (to solve).

PS Have I made a spelling mistake in here somewhere?

PSS to Helsalata - I have an essay on leadership that you can read ....
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