I promised to mention a buddy on my blog
Let's call him M.
He's a good egg
And is going to help me out a lot in my new job
He's very handsome - according to some ladies I met in the office - they said things like .....


Tonight I went to the Theatre and saw a show called Festen.

Words I could use to describe it:

So glad I went.
If you get a chance to see it, go.
Really though, be prepared for something shocking, yet brilliant
I shall not spoil it for you.
Don't take your young children.

Is there a connection between your buddy M and Festen?

What is your new job btw? It might be helpful for me to talk to you about work place changes and the best way to deal with it at some stage...
Lauren and I went to Festen too. Looking forward to chatting to you about it. I havent yet found the words I need to blog about it.
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