Apparently there are lost of 'illegals' in my country.
Illegals shouldn't be here.
Although without them, lots of jobs wouldn't get done.
Without them, lots are families would be separated.
And if they were at their first home, they might be locked up.

I know how they feel.
Yesterday I tried to find my birth certificate, marriage certificate, exam certificates, and cycling proficiency certificate.

They are all lost.

Does this mean I can't ride my bike anymore? That I'm not longer qualified? Am I a bachelor? Am I alive? I feel alive, etc. But I have no proof. I'd better find them soon - or I might get that knock on my door late at night and be escorted out of my country.

They say every cloud has a silver lining. I've lost something else too. 10 years in fact. I'm only a thirty something year old - and no-one can prove that I'm not!

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