Paper Chase
Today I wrapped up some birthday presents.

Wrapping paper costs so much. It will be ripped off. And then put in the bin. Then it will continue it's journey to a tip or recycling centre. It may be burnt, buried or pulped.

The point is, it's a lot of money. The gifts are already wrapped anyway in boxes, paper, tissue, plastic. Why did I buy more? If you ever buy me a present, don't feel the need to wrap it. Or else just give me some paper and skip the present, so that I can afford to wrap somebody else's.

It's a bit like buying pretty little notelets for a friend at Christmas, so that they can use them to write back a thank you letter. Or buying someone a set of pans, so that they can cook for you. On the same theme a tip for you all - don't buy your partner an iron for his/her birthday.

hear hear - i'll remember that for next christmas!
not an iron, ok. how about an ironing board? or some washing up gloves?

re the wrapping paper problem, buy extra at Christmas from those cheap places at a pound a roll and then use that. make sure the pattern is confusing enough for people not to realise though.
my friend wrapped a present for me in the Big Issue :D

I never buy any wrapping paper other than the 30p sheets off the market or a roll of cheap stuff.

Good plan about the Christmas stuff J, especially if you can find stuff that could almost look like it's not Christmas
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