Spring in the air?
Car Washing
Cleaning Dishes

All the things I've done this morning - in minimalist form.

Taking photos
Listening to music
Watching the rugby

All things I want to do instead.

I took this photo today, just to prove that spring is in the air - someone said it was going to snow! I don't think so.

Did you mean to put sping intstead of spring? Tis a cool blog though
thanks to my spell chequer
thats ok:):) i wonder if you can guess who i am???? mwa ha ha ha the mystery spell checker
give me a clue, maybe two.
lol ok i am either a nephew or a niece of urs
hello m's, how are you? glad you're enjoying....
well its snowing outside now so that prediction was well off - nice one. hello "m's" by the way
how did you know it was me??? xxx
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