What to do.
I never knew booking a holiday could be such a chore.
Today I started looking. On-line of course. Saw loads of great places, in loads of great places. In fact I never knew there were so many great places. The websites on the other hand were not great - pretty patchy. I did know that some websites could be pretty dodgy. I'm not really sure what dodgy means. Evasive, shifty, unstable, unsound, unreliable. Yeah, some website are certainly unreliable. You spend ages waiting, watching the hour glass spin. After around 3 seconds you give up. Goodness, I haven't got 3 seconds to waste. What could I do with 3 seconds. Let's think. I could do 1 press up, maybe. I could put the kettle on - so long as it was already filled. I could sip my beer. Back to some great places. I was looking for a cottage. There are some great cottages around, so it must have been me that was (is) the problem. Either too noisy, too much money, too remote, too cheap, too dodgy looking (the cottage, not me). I'm going to have to sleep on it.

a few sites for your perusal.... :-)





you've used the word dodgy a lot there. that's a bit dodgy if you ask me.
wonder who little bwana is - some great web sites though. Thanks sweet pea.
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