Wine Tower
Today I had a day at a hotel in Standsted.
It was a good day.
I was a little (only a little)
bit delicate first thing in the morning
after a few drinks the evening before.

Drinks were next to a wine tower, several, like 15, metres high.
If you asked for a bottle (of wine), and even if you didn't,
A beautiful lady (well I didn't actually get that close - so let's assume a beautiful lady - I would also like to say beautifully dressed - but there was no dress) uses a combo of ropes, trapeze and acrobatics to fly like an angle up and down the tower. Very distracting, entertaining, bizarre.

But the day was good - and I'll probably remember the discussions more than the angel.

When I got home a different sort of angel had made my dinner - it was sat in the oven keeping hot.

I am tired now and I was tired driving home -maybe it was yet another different sort of angel helped get me home in one piece.

Not quite sure I'm picturing the whole wine tower and angel thing- was it a gimmick or did it actually serve a purpose?
what happens if there's a mistake and she kicks it over - that would be cool
it is a gimmick, but real wine, in a kind of a huge wine rack - so can't knock it over.....designed to tease and hence sell more wine
I guess
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