Clear Conscience

The sun's out bright this morning -good
The football team lost night - not good.
But in the whole scheme of things, I guess the sun coming up is much more important.

Old friends are good too. Old in the sense that you've known them for ages. I'm not saying you personally are old by the way! And if I was, nothing wrong with being old anyway.
I have a stone I picked up on a beach somewhere, when I was a slip of a lad..... now that is old, the stone, like about millions of years old. So in the whole (and different) scheme of things, someone who is not even 45 is definitely not old.

Question. Do you sometimes wonder if you should be reading this blog?
Whoever you are, I don't have a problem (with you reading it; I have other problems).
But I was reading a blog last night and thought, "I wonder if they mind?". When I was rocking them in their pram nearly 20 years ago, blogs were not even a concept the world's best futuroligist would have come up with. Now I'm reading their blog. Weird. Then I wondered some more, and thought "they wouldn't write this stuff down if they minded". So I read on, and then slept with a clear conscience.

Well, you could do a lot worse than look at people’s blogs on the web! I know that sometimes people let it all hang out when they blog, but you can find some sites where they let a whole lot more hang out ... eh .... so I am told.
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