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It is with a dash of dismay that I have to report to my erstwhile blog readers that it has been brought to my attention that the majority of my posts to this blogging phenomena are somewhat on the abbreviated side meaning that probably they believe I have nothing which touches on the interesting or worth reading barometer of opinion so therefore I bring to your attention this most absorbing edition that will no doubt portray a far more accurate picture of my linguistic talent than has hitherto been expressed.
And so, without further ado, I blog:

"Today it was called Thursday.
It was a very cold Thursday in fact.
So much so that my fingers froze to my handlebar.
The End."

impressive - u should where some gloves. i reckon u might need a few commas in their - grammer is positively awful!!! and what does erstwhile mean
you're the English student

THEIR ?!?!?!?
and WHERE????????? !!!!!!!!! Oh dear dan, check ur spelling!! lol
i disagree - short is good

how are the fingers?
Hi Steveie

I had a similar experience with the handlebar - or is it handlebars? Can you ride a bike with only one handlebar?

Anyway I wore my socks which are called 'Tuesday' on Friday and this was noticed by one of my students from way across the classroom.

Phenomenal eyesight

Is this what constitutes a comment?

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