Power Steering

I'm far to young to remember driving cars which didn't have power steering - but I'm told you can pick up an old car which is without this little luxury.

And the experience isn't great.

Especially if you're stationary, or going really slow. Really have to work hard to turn the wheel, or the car for that matter.

When you've got moving, it's all a bit easier.

So, as today is Sunday, the lesson to remember, especially if you've got no power steering. You have to be moving in order to change direction. Don't just stand still and expect things to change - you've got to be doing your bit ......

have you ever tried to move the steering on a car with power steering when the battery is dead? it's even tougher than a car without power steering. I'm sure there's a parrallel there too.
Pah! So your funky new Ka has broken down already has it Joolian? As for the homiletic metaphor I think “Morris 1000” when I hear that one. I’ve always preferred something a bit grittier, like: If you’re a shark it’s a choice between moving and sinking. The import of Pascal’s wager may be that in the end there really is no choice at all, or at least there is only one worthwhile option.
twas the galaxy that ran out of batteries, and there's nothing wrong with my morris minor either - drives like power steering but only when it's moving very swiftly.
June K. has a Ka! And what’s her job? Prayer secretary! Surprised Joolian you can get much out of your recycled M1000 as it’s about as streamlined as an elephant’s rump. What’s more, these fuel-efficient motors must be the cause of the recent snap of Global Cooling in these parts. I think I’ll stick to my clapped out gas-guzzler with a carbon footprint as large as a dinosaur. Talking about dinosaurs, they had 8x our CO2 levels and yet look how long they lasted.

I wonder if StevieGB minds me using his blog to fling around some extravehicular insults. Still, it’s his blog not mine. As you can see, my attitudes are as left wing as those of Attila the Hun on a bad day.
Tim, you say whatever you want. I'm all for free speach - but if you say anything that Delia Smith could be offended by, I'll delete you!
Thanks Steve. Cue more insults: I like Joolian’s 'Very Swiftly'. Thanks Joolian, that’s one fifty year old mystery solved – ‘M1000’ must mean ‘1000 mph’. Or is it more a case of ‘good brand name, pity about the performance’

Yeah, Delia’s a good egg. She’s a prayer warrior who is close to the Almighty. Boy, does NCFC need someone like that! (Must also be Joolian’s secret to reliable 1000mph Morris motoring) Now, does all that add up to a compliment or not …. I’m trying to suss it out.
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