This is not a photo blog!
But today, at the beach
I had to snap this.
So Southwold.

Mind you, on the other side.
Diggers and cranes
playing in the sand .
Popping in huge
And something they call
A right royal mess.
No sand castles or swimming there until July.

First class picture. Definitely competition, if not world standard.
i agree - i was going to use words like composition, juxtaposition, irony, movement, flow etc but I was way too tired last night to do so. So instead I set it as my wallpaper.
now that's weird! - Knowing I haven't done enough with my blog for too long (and it IS a photoblog!), I thought the other day "I could go to Southwold and take a picture of the beach-huts"....and then you do it the next day...and so superbly!
i have to hand it to ya dad - thats a quality pic
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