Who can identify this?

A Clue: I took it 15 minutes ago.

Other things you might question:
Why I stood to freeze myself standing on a windswept and snowy park in the freezing cold to watch amateur Saturday morning footy.
Why Milosovic suddenly dies in his prison cell.
Why Gerrard did that awful back pass to let Henry score.
Why my cat thinks he'd be better off as a dog.
Why I look older with all my hair cut off.
Why my ears are still ringing after the Delirious concert three days ago.
And finally, why chocolate, red wine and cashew nuts are so much better than sprouts, alcopops and black cherry yogurt.

i give up on the picture - I tried enlarging, maybe thought it was tiny spiders or somethnig seedy but I in the end couldn't tell.

I thought you looked younger :)

Gerrard clearly thought Henry was offside :D Let's face it though Arsenal were the better team in the second half.
Pussy willow catkins?
I think it’s a picture of sermon – basically, disconnected, woolly and with lots and lots of embedded points. Nice idea Steve, I’ll see if I can get a picture of a sermon next Sunday - I never thought of trying that.

On second thoughts; it may not be sermon – it would have taken a lot longer than 15 minutes.
Disclaimer: In order to forestall any legal claims for damages, let it be known that the foregoing comment pertains to the statistical character of the sermon genre rather than particular material produced by any one practitioner, which may, of course be of excellent standard.
Chocolate's better than sprouts because chocolate is chocolate there's no other reason. Solly doesn't think he's a dog he might just occasionally act like one.
Excellent photography, but your clue doesn't really help that much.
i agree, the clue is rubbish.
ok, it was in my front garden, it is a seed pod thingy, I think the flower flowered last summer and these are the remains the flower, it's an anemone, a pink one.
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