Coded Messages

Call me queer if you like, but just for today I am very English.
So allow me to fill you in: the weather today's was great.
Warm, sunny, shirt sleeves type weather.
And where do you think I was?
Yep, that's correct,
Stuck in an office.

I did manage to get out for a while this afternoon to meet a gent from Customs and Excise - and so now I know about 1000% more about VAT than I did 24 hours ago.

I also nipped out to buy a birthday card. But what to get someone who is so much older than me, lives in a different country and probably doesn't get my sense of humour. So, I bought two and will let the family decide. Let me know if you like it! It will probably be late as I forgot to buy a stamp. Maybe I should just send an e-mail greeting instead? It will probably stay in an in-box longer than on the mantelpiece.

Talking of coded messages, did you read the stuff about copyright and the De Vince Code. And the judges final statement? Amazing.

Tomorrow I play the Squash coach again, looking forward to getting a few more than the zero points I got last time.

i've worked the answer out - its quite a crafy code really. anyone else got it yet?
I’ve tried letter substitution, anagrams, elizabethan text squaring, the Vigere cypher, etc and none work. As for code cracking Dan I bet he didn’t learn that in Sunday School. Better put that together with the other things they don’t tell you Dan, like the order of service and the end of the world. In fact how about writing a book “What they don’t tell you in Church”. Hhmmm, actually that sounds an interesting idea….
I tried all those things there a solution or is it pie in the sky?
go back to letter substituation..... and remember I'm sequential and not very clever
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