Three Disasters

Does no one remember all those years of Tory rule. They practically wrecked the country.
So, why have people got such short memories.
New Labour may not all be sweet smelling red roses (I dread to think what Prescot smells like) but at least they've put us back on track, and navigated us through a rapidly changing world of e, of terrorism, of world recessions etc, etc.

And talking of disasters, the film on BBC at the weekend about Krakatau was fantastic - if not a little bit scary. The 40 metre wave and the huge rush of red hot ash. How little we knew just 100 years ago. I wonder how little we still know

And still talking of disasters, the foot on my little stone frog in the garden fell off - I assume it was the cold weather or frost, which may or may not be a remnant of the Krakatau explosion 100 years ago.

So long as work isn't a disaster... Praying for you...
Think your garden frog’s got problems with natural disasters? Spare a thought for my garden ammonite. The Deccan traps eruptions and the Yucatan meteor left him extinct and fossilized 60 millions years ago.

Talking about going round in ever decreasing circles (ammonites – ged it?) I never did crack your code. But reorganizing the alphabet (something allowed with letter substitution) I managed, within a little, to get it to read, “SteveGe kicks butt”. The trouble is, of course, my scheme is unlikely to work as a predictor of the next codes in the sequence if you want it to say something like “SteveGe kicks butt at work”. Really, to crack a code and nail the one right solution amongst many possibilities you’ve got to get into the mind of the code creator. The beginnings of a good sermon illustration there: How little we know in the face of astronomical combinatorial possibilities - unless we have been primed to know the coding scheme.

Anyway, this business about “SteveGe Kicks butt” is rubbish, of course. I think after a frustrating day at work it was “SteveGe Kicks frog” and he concocted this innuendo about Kratatua so he didn’t have to tell the wife. I know the feeling.
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