Means the start of weekend. Yeah, so it's a little early, but so what. I got thrashed at squash and had to recoup with a beer or so. Today is the start of Big Bro 2006 . Just seen the first 4 go in, what a bunch of weird people they are. But you know what - I'm going to watch the next hour as well. Good job we have some adverts so I can go and make coffee, visit the loo, etc.

I reckon my squash is definitely getting better - but it's hard work. 'Coach' keeps telling me what I'm doing wrong- I don't like people telling me what I'm doing wrong. But you know what, it's helping.

Just read a book in the last couple of days. Set in an Indian call centre. I learned a lot from that too. About how young Indian call centre agents think and feel about their lives (or rather, how the author thinks they might think and feel). Really very good.

Next 4 contestants. Rubbish. Still watching.

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